West Coast Drainage is a leading drainage services company in Vancouver offering Camera Inspection, Clog and Blockage Removal, Drain Tile, Drainage Repair, Water Lines, Sewer Lines and Perimeter Drainage services.

Serving Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Richmond and everywhere else in the region, the team at West Coast Drainage provides expert drainage services throughout the entire Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. There are many possible causes of drainage problems and hundreds of feet of piping in and around every home and commercial property. Assessing the cause and the location of a Drainage Clog or Drainage Blockage in Vancouver is the first step to resolving it. Video drainage inspection allows West Coast Drainage to pinpoint the location, as well as the nature of the problem, quickly and without large scale excavation, or other disruption of the property or structure. West Coast Drainage has many years of experience providing video drain inspections in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, and our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your hidden drainage or sewer problems, with minimal disruption. West Coast Drainage uses modern and efficient equipment to diagnose and remove Drainage Blockages or Drainage Clogs in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the Fraser Valley.

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For any drainage, plumbing, excavation, drain tile, water line and sewer related problems at your residential or commercial property in Vancouver, or any area in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley we can help.

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West Coast Drainage provides a number of different services to assist with any drainage problems that you may have


Our plumbing service is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions for all your drainage needs. From clogged drains to complex sewer line repairs, our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to quickly diagnose and resolve any plumbing issues. Trust us to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

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Are you having problems with the water line for your residential or commercial property? Do you need a reliable local company, serving North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to help assist you?

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