Video Camera Inspection

Video Camera Inspection

Video Camera Drain & Sewer Inspection Services in Vancouver

Camera pipe inspection is a process that involves using a specialized camera to visually inspect the inside of pipes or other drainage systems. This is typically done to identify any issues or problems within the pipes, such as blockages, leaks, or damage. In Lower Mainland, BC, camera pipe inspection is often used to diagnose and assess issues with residential, commercial, and industrial drainage systems. The process involves inserting a small camera into the pipes through a small access point, such as a cleanout or inspection port. The camera is equipped with a light source and can transmit a live video feed to a monitor, allowing the technician to see the inside of the pipes in real time.

Camera pipe inspection is a non-invasive and cost-effective way to assess the condition of pipes and drainage systems. It can help to identify problems early on and allow for timely repairs, which can help to prevent more serious issues from developing. It can also be used to verify the effectiveness of previous repairs or to assess the condition of pipes before purchasing a property.

At West Coast Drainage, we specialize in camera pipe inspections to determine the quality and conditions of your pipes easily and accurately. Give us a call today for a quote!

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