Full Service Drainage Company

Full Service Drainage Company

Full Service Drainage Repair Company in Coquitlam

Ensuring that your drainage system is working to its optimum level is an area that homeowners and commercial property owners should give attention to, as any breakages, blockages, or failures that happen can cause large scale disruption and damage. Keeping your drains well maintained is one of the most useful pieces of advice that any drainage company in the Lower Mainland will tell you.

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Complete with all of the latest drainage cleaning and maintenance tools and equipment, the team is able to assist with the following drainage services, among many others:

  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Drainage Repair
  • Perimeter Drainage Repair & Replacement
  • Drainage Replacement
  • Lawn Drains
  • Sump Systems & Catch Basins


As with any system, over time it becomes less effective and begins to fail. If your home is more than 25 years old, you may begin to encounter Perimeter Drainage problems. The likely causes may be root infiltration caused by large trees or shrubs planted close by, deteriorating outdated materials such as clay pipe or big-o pipe (see below), changing ground conditions or lack of periodic maintenance.


  • Wet Basement or Lawn
  • Clogged Rain Leaders (Entries from gutters to drainage system)
  • Root Infiltration (From trees and shrubs close to foundation)
  • Collapsed Tile or Big-O Pipe


Clay Drainage– The use of these systems date back to before the 1980’s. While dependable and reliable, over time the system becomes brittle and cracks. It is susceptible to root infiltration within its joints and slight movements from settlement can cause issues. Due to their age and brittleness, they can be difficult to clean out or flush without replacing.

Big-O Drainage– Most drainage problems we encounter involve this type of system. A popular drainage system in the 1980’s-90’s, it was flexible and easy to lay. However, because of the lack of thickness and the weakness of the system, makes it very susceptible to root infiltration and collapse from ground conditions. This system is sometimes nearly impossible to clean or flush without total replacement.

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PVC Drainage– Today, drainage repair and replacement is done with PVC pipe, either solid or perforated. It is durable, easy to connect and is durable. It allows for easy maintenance including replacing sections or flushing because of its straightforward design.

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