New Drainage Installation

New Drainage Installation

New Drainage Installation in Vancouver
With an extensive understanding of planning permissions, standards, and drain placement, West Coast Drainage specializes in establishing drainage systems for both domestic and commercial use

What are some signs your property may be due for a new drainage installation?

  • Your house is at least 50 years old and you are unsure of the last time the drains were updated
  • You’ve been dealing with drainage issues for years and they keep coming back
  • Your basement, crawl space are damp or flood
  • Areas surrounding your home or building are damp or soggy
  • You service the drainage annually with no improvement

New Drainage Installation Service in Vancouver

As a top drainage company, our skilled group of drainage contractors is well-trained and prepared to carry out brand-new drainage installations to the finest quality. We provide a full range of drainage installation services, enabling us to figure out how your system is currently set out and connect your new installation smoothly. Our drainage installation service is worth your time and money. Customer satisfaction is our first priority which leads to executing clean work.


  1. Qualified Installers
    Due to their extensive training in all areas of service, our installers know their expertise
  2. Upfront Pricing
    Before any work begins, we offer up front, straightforward quotes so there are no unpleasant surprises for you
  3. Experienced
    Our installers have installed hundreds of drainage systems on Residential or Commercial properties

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    We specialize in Drainage Repair and Replacement Vancouver including Video Camera Inspections, Perimeter Drainage, Trench-less Water Line Repairs, Lawn Drains,Sumps and more

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    We have an A+ Rating with BBB, WorkSafe BC Certification and are fully licensed and insured. With over 20 years of staff experience, you can be sure of a professional, reliable and efficient service from West Coast Drainage

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