Catch Basin & Sump Pumps

Catch Basin & Sump Pumps

Catch Basin & Sump Pumps – Cleaning, Installation and Repair in Vancouver

When was the last time the sump or catch basin on your residential or commercial property was inspected? Do you need a reliable local company, serving North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to help assist you? Often, property owners forget about the big concrete lid sitting in the grass or the driveway and often wonder what it is.

Causes and Signs of Sump Failire

Over time, the drainage system contains debris and other materials from the roof gutters. This material over time gathers either within the drainage pipes, or flows into the catch basin sump and gathers. This is why maintaining your catch basin and cleaning is crucial.


  • Overflowing
  • Backflow issues
  • Slow flowing drain tile or perimeter drainage
  • Sump is hidden or cannot be located on the property

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