Are you looking for sewer services in the Lower Mainland? Is your sewer blocked or backing up? Then if so, you should get in contact with the team at West Coast Drainage today. While you may think that any problems with your sewer lines are outside of your control, all of the drains that lead from your home to the city or municipal sanitary sewer system are deemed part of your drainage system and therefore are your responsibility.

Sewer Line Services Vancouver

West Coast Drainage is able to provide an honest and expert opinion on any problem that you may have and can help with any of the following services:

  • Sewer Blockages
  • Sewer Pipe Replacement & Repair
  • Video Inspections & Diagnosis
  • Root Infiltration Treatment
  • Fixing Misalignment
  • Excavations

Causes and Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer Lines are susceptible to failure over time for many reasons. Among them, is outdated materials such as clay pipe. Over time, the pipe has weakened and cracked in certain spots. Another reason for Sewer Line failure is obstructions from items flowing through the system that shouldn’t be including excessive grease, excessive food and other items. Trees also pose a risk to Sewer Lines. If you have a large tree on your property that is within close proximity to the Sewer Line, tree roots can travel several feet and into the Sewer Line.


Common Signs

Multiple Toilets and Drains Clogged

Consistent Back-Ups

Sewer Gas Odour

Slow Running Drains


Tired of waiting days or weeks for another company to help with your Sewer concerns?

West Coast Drainage can help within hours, not days!

“Before you call anyone else for Sewer Clogs and Sewer Failure, call West Coast Drainage first. We understand that your time is valuable. Most customers do not have time to wait days or weeks for a drainage company to determine the problem, provide an estimate and then complete the work. Speak with the professional and friendly team at West Coast Drainage for our expert and honest opinion.”


Call West Coast Drainage to Assess your Sewer Line!

Video Camera Inspection Vancouver:

If there are any problems with your sewer, or drainage system then you can make use of the high-pressure water jet services that West Coast Drainage provide. Offering a quick and simple way of removing many blockages, high-pressure washing provides an efficient way to clean sewer and drain line blockages.

Video technology is also on hand to help diagnose the problem without having to excavate a large area, which is perfect for anyone in the Lower Mainland having problems with their sewers or drains, who is unsure of the source and concerned about property damage.

Visual Inspection:

If you are noticing a blockage, or slowing of your drains, even if it is relatively small, then you should contact a specialist team as soon as possible. Attempting to remove the blockage yourself can end up making the situation worse, and may cause further damage to your sewer pipes and water lines.

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