How Routine Drain Maintenance Service Can Save Homeowners Time, Money, and Risk

  • Aug 29, 2023
  • Drainage Repair Services Vancouver

So often as homeowners, we spend our time worrying about the parts of our home we can see. Things like drywall repairs, painting, or even exterior siding steal the focus and we forget about the unseen infrastructures that are essential to our daily lives. The drainage systems of a home play a crucial role in the health, safety, and household budget of every homeowner. Regular maintenance of those drainage systems helps to prevent not only health hazards but costly repairs down the road. Here are a few reasons to talk to our professionals at West Coast Drainage about drain maintenance service for your home.

Down the drain

The drains in our home are responsible for carrying away all the wastewater that a family produces throughout the course of daily life. Whether it’s from baths and showers, toilet flushes, washing dishes, or simply dumping beverages down the sink, the drains and pipes in your home are the unsung heroes of wastewater ensuring it reaches either the city sewage lines or your septic field without delay. Over time, these drainage systems can accumulate debris such as hair, grease, or even foreign objects (like that Hot Wheel your toddler flushed months ago) which can lead to serious blockages. Unfortunately, we may not notice these blockages until the problem is spilling backwards out of the drain. Even more unfortunate is the risks these kinds of drain back-ups can pose to your family’s health as well as the cost profile that typically comes with serious drainage issues. Luckily, with preventative measures such as routine drain maintenance service, these issues can be mitigated saving you the time, money, and mess that comes with backed-up sewage.

What is a drain maintenance service?

Here at West Coast Drainage, we offer a variety of drainage services ranging from a new installation to repair and routine maintenance. The best way to determine which service best fits your home is to reach out to one of our drain experts and find out. With that said, generally all drains can benefit from controlled flushing. While this may have you visualizing someone standing over your sink with a garden hose, the process is a little more technical than that. The process is called Hydro Flushing, and it involves the use of specialized equipment (a flexible hose with a specific nozzle) designed to send a highly pressurized spray of water back and forth along a drainage line to clear it of any built-up debris. Although homeowners may be inclined to use a rented snake or other tool, professional hydro flushing is by far the most efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

More than just debris

Drain flushing is about more than just the functionality of your drainage systems. Scheduling routine drain maintenance services also helps to prevent the build-up of mould and other bacteria in your household pipes. Our homes are filled with drains from the bathroom to the kitchen to the laundry room. If debris is left to accumulate in pipelines, harmful toxins and bacteria can grow and find their way into your home. Regular hydro flushing maintains clean pipes and cleaner air for your family to breathe.

Homeownership comes with a great many tasks, each with its requirements, risks, and maintenance. While some repairs and renovations improve the aesthetic value of your home, others such as drain flushing are essential to the function and safety of your home. Connect with the experts at West Coast Drainage today to discuss which drain maintenance service is right for your home.