Perimeter Drainage Repair Services in Vancouver

Summer is coming and it is the best time to look at your perimeter drainage in Vancouver. Yes, we had those wet winter months and we saw some things in our homes that meant we might have problems. It could be forgiven that we thought it was just the winter, but as the summer approaches and the problems persist, it might be time to call someone to look at your situation. We want professionals to come have a look because perimeter drainage in Vancouver is not something to take lightly.Here are some reasons why you might want to check out your perimeter drainage in Vancouver.

Wet lawn. In Vancouver, a wet lawn is nothing to worry about for most of the year. Our bountiful rainfall means that it is often normal. However, if you notice you have a wet lawn even though we have had nothing but sunshine for a few weeks, you should call someone about your perimeter drainage. A wet lawn can mean a broken pipe and you should have it checked out.

Damp Basement. If you have walked into your basement and it smells a bit off, have a look around. Feel the walls and see if you can spot any moisture in places where there is not supposed to be moisture. If you find a wet wall then that might mean you have a drainage issue.  There is no reason why your basement should have mysterious dampness. If that happens, call someone to come have a look.

Wet foundation. This is another bad sign that you might have big problems. If you discover you have a wet foundation it means you need help straight away. If you leave a wet foundation unchecked for too long, the long-term damage can be very pricey, so don’t let that happen to you and your home. Have it checked out as soon as possible.

Now that you know three of the warning signs that you might need someone check your perimeter drainage in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. A good company like West Coast Drainage, can come over and have a look at your situation and tell you exactly what you need to take care of it. The wet season won’t stay away for too long. The faster you take care of your perimeter drainage the better it is for you and your home.