Sewer Line Repair in Vancouver – West Coast Drainage

Do any of the following clogged sewer line symptoms sound familiar to you? Do you have multiple toilets in your home, and do they all seemed to be clogged? Do you or any of your family members smell sewer gas on a regular basis in or around your home? Does it seem like all the drains in your house take a very long time to drain out, even though you have taken a plunger to them and doused them with chemical drain cleaner? Well, if one or more of these symptoms apply to your home, you might want to call a professional sewer line repair crew. Here is what sewer line repair in Vancouver looks like these days.

With modern day plumbing technology, there is no longer a need for exploratory digging to find out exactly where the clogs are in your sewer line.With Video Camera Inspection, your plumber can go into your system and look for the problem with you as much as disturbing your lawn. When the main clog is found, then there still might not be a need for digging. If the video reveals that all it is, is a clog and not a root infiltration or a collapsed pipe, then a simple high pressure water stream can be sent down the line to break up the clog and get your sewer line running smoothly once again.

If worse comes to worst and digging is inevitable, then it can now be kept to a bare minimum. Because of the aforementioned video inspection, only the area that absolutely needs to be dug up will be dug up. Repairs and replacements will be done swiftly and then the soil will be replaced. Of course, everyone wants to avoid this, but in the end, a small patch of dug up lawn is worth the price of no longer smelling awful sewer gas or waiting hours for a toilet to flush properly.

Sewer line repair in Vancouver is very important for the health and well being for you and your family and the structural integrity of your home. Clogs left unattended to can lead to serious problems. So, if you think you have a clogged sewer, don’t hesitate to call professionals like West Coast Drainage to come and have a look and help you out. Put your mind at ease and trust the professionals to help you with this problem.