Why We Are Considered the Drainage Experts in Vancouver

At West Coast Drainage, we are considered some of the top drainage experts in Vancouver. Living in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, British Columbia, we understand that due to the amount of rainfall we receive, our drains can suffer from issues from time to time. We want to make sure that our customers’ homes and businesses are draining effectively so their day to day lives remain unaffected by improper drainage.

We put a huge amount of time into studying and keeping up to date with the most advanced drainage systems as well as new method of drainage repair and inspection. It is this dedication to our work that has led us to become some of the top drainage experts in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

For example, when we come to inspect your drains, we do not dig up the ground to search for issues. Instead we use video camera inspection that allows us to see exactly what is going on in your drainage system, without having to damage your property.

We have followed the evolution of drainage systems carefully and can recognize the issues associated with some of the older methods. We know that clay drainage can become brittle and crack and is difficult to repair a lot of the time and instead, must be replaced. Similarly, we find issues with Big-O drainage which is quite thin and prone to collapsing when overworked, which is something that can happen quite regularly in a rainy city like Vancouver. Instead of these options, we offer the most up to date and effective types of drainage systems, made from PVC. This is not only durable, but should it break, sections can easily be replaced instead of the entire system.

So, if you notice a problem with your drainage, you should only call the drainage experts in Vancouver at West Coast Drainage. Get in touch if your drainage is slow, not working at all, or if you have found flooding near drainage pipes. Our team of drainage experts will use the latest technology to inspect it as well as come up with a solution that will provide you with lasting drainage repair in Vancouver.

Don’t waste your time on subpar or DIY drain repair that will likely cause you more problems at a later stage, call the drainage experts in Vancouver at West Coast Drainage instead.